What is mSplashScreen

mSplashScreen is designed for Adobe AIR developers that create iOS and Android applications. mSplashScreen allows you to embed professional splash screen to your existing Adobe AIR iOS and Android applications easily WITHOUT coding, and also reduces application size (for iOS app only, please refer to iOS default launch image VS mSplashScreen). mSplashScreen supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and above. And mSplashScreen purposely designed for iOS and Android applications developed by Flash Builder, Flash Professional, Flash Develop, and many others as long as it is developed by using Adobe AIR SDK.

What is professional splash screen do we meant here? Professional Splash Screen = Splash Screen with Logo and Background + Animation + Sound Effect + Loading Indicator + URL Linking !!!

mSplashScreen assists you in the last step of your development work. Just feed your final build of Adobe AIR mobile application’s SWF/IPA/APK file + Splash Screen image file (JPEG/PNG in any size) + application descriptor XML file to mSplashScreen will do. mSplashScreen will generate final IPA/APK file with splash screen ready for App Store and Google Play submission.

Why mSplashScreen

Comprehensive settings in mSplashScreen allows you to customize your splash screen. You may customize animation duration, loading indicator’s type & color & position, sound effects, and URL linking.

Separated mSplashScreen SWF file with small file size will be loaded before main app SWF, provides fast splash screen loads even you have a large designed main app SWF. In other words, splash screen loading speed will be same for both 5MB mobile app and 500MB mobile app. Therefore, there will be NO long wait with black screen at the entry of your iOS and Android app.

One of the mSplashScreen features is to set the display duration of your splash screen. Display duration of default launch image in iOS app cannot be configured, therefore sometimes it is useless to show splash screen if app loaded too fast.

mSplashScreen also provides URL linking feature, users are able to visit app/company website by tapping on the splash screen.

Of course, for those experienced Adobe AIR developers can create your own splash screen by knowing the how-to above. mSplashScreen will save you a lot of hassle without coding and all the repeated merging and compiling action in command line.