Using mSplashScreen

Main Page

mSplashScreen allows you to load and save project into mss extension file, to ease your rapid re-compiling test and future version compilation. 1 New mSplashScreen project, 2 Load existing project, 3 Save current project.

4 Register your mSplashScreen to Basic License or Pro License.
5 Open this Help page.

You are able to compile to iOS (IPA) and Android (APK) file. 6 Select mobile platform [iOS or Android], 7 Point to desired AIR SDK path, 8 Select compiling Target, P12 file, Provision Profile [iOS only], and Additional compiling Command.

You MUST load the final SWF and application descriptor (-app XML) file into project. These 2 files are mandatory files. 9 Load SWF file, 10 Load application descriptor file.

  • It is easy for Adobe Flash Pro [CS and CC version], just publish it once in any mobile platform and you will get both final .SWF and -app.XML files in your project folder.
  • If you are using Adobe Flash Builder, just “Export Release Build” to any mobile platform, then remember to tick “Keep bin-release-temp folder” before export. Finally you will have your final .SWF and -app.XML in bin-release-temp folder under your project folder.

Includes your application required files in the “Included Files”, such as icons and data, 11 Remove selected included file, 12 Add files, 13 Add folder.

Similar to “Included Files”, you are able to add application required native extensions (ANE) too. 14 Remove selected ANE, 15 Add ANEs, 16 Add native extension folder.

App Stage Settings is the stage configuration for your main application SWF, 17 Stage Background Color, 18 Stage Align, 19 Stage Aspect Ratio, 20 Stage Auto Orientation, 21 Stage Scale Mode. Usually, a game designed by Flash Pro that fit any screen resolution should have “Show All” Scale Mode. If you’re not sure about your application stage configuration, then you may try to change the settings one by one and notice the changes in your application UI.

22 Registration and License information.
23 Next page [Second Page] for Splash Screen settings.

Second Page

Second page is the splash screen configuration page. You are able to change your splash screen aspect ratio (it can be different from main application aspect ratio), background color, background image (please refer to FAQ), splash screen image, and URL link. 24 splash screen Aspect Ratio [Portrait or Landscape], 25 Background Color [it is good to match the background color of your splash screen image], 26 Background Image [this is required if your splash screen’s background is not just a plain color, please read “Why separated splash screen’s background image?” in FAQ], 27 splash screen Image [this is the MAIN image], 28 URL Linking [you may put your website URL or app URL here, so that it will open URL in browser once user click on the splash screen], 29 Preview of your splash screen.

You are able to put loading indicator on your splash screen, there are total 25 animated loading indicator with CUSTOMIZABLE color (3 animated loading indicator only in Basic License).30 Loading Indicator type, 31 Customizable color to loading indicator, 32 9 different loading indicator’s positions, 33 Preview of loading indicator [animation preview without customizable color].

You are able to customize splash screen animation in Pro License. There are 3 stages of animation: Animate In, Animate Emphasize, and Animate Out. Animate In is the animation of splash screen to enter the stage, Animate Emphasize is the action of splash screen once it is fully loading on stage (there will not be any animation here because it is not needed for splash screen, but you can change the duration of splash screen image showing on stage), Animate Out is the animation of splash screen to exit the stage.

34 Animate In Type, there are total 16 animations:-

  • Fade In
  • Move In From Top Bounce
  • Move In From Top Linear
  • Move In From Bottom Bounce
  • Move In From Bottom Linear
  • Move In From Left Bounce
  • Move In From Left Linear
  • Move In From Right Bounce
  • Move In From Right Linear
  • Pixelate In
  • Squeeze In Horizontal Bounce
  • Squeeze In Horizontal Linear
  • Squeeze In Vertical Bounce
  • Squeeze In Vertical Linear
  • Zoom In Bounce
  • Zoom In Linear

35 Animate In Sound Effect, there are total 30 sound effects, all sound effects have 2 seconds playing duration. 36 Animate In Duration, you are able to determine the duration of animation of splash screen to show on stage, but you CANNOT change it if you specified an Animate In Sound Efffect. 37 Animate Emphasize Duration, change to total seconds that you wish to show splash screen on stage, loading indicator will show here. 38 Preview of animation for Animate In [without your specified splash screen image and animated duration, this is mainly to preview the animation only].

39 Animate Out Type, there are total 16 animations too just like Animate In Type, but with exiting animation. 40 Animate Out Duration, change your exiting animated duration. 41 Preview of animation for Animate Out [again, without your specified splash screen image and animated duration, this is mainly to preview the animation only].

42 Go back to Main Page. 43 Start building IPA/APK, you are required to specified a folder for your final built IPA/APK file after clicking Done.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error 305: Initial window content SWF version XX exceeds namespace version

This error occurred because of wrong AIR version specified in application descriptor file (-app XML). You MUST have exact AIR version in application descriptor file that match your AIR SDK version.

	<application xmlns="">

mSplashScreen start up error: Do you want to save this file, or file a program online to open it?

If you get this error message during starting up mSplashScreen, then you must install Adobe Flash Player to your machine.