Demo VS Basic VS Pro License


* Payment Method:

* Demo License allows you to test mSplashScreen on your app, full features as Pro License, but unable to change splash screen.

Demo is FREE, but you cannot change the splash screen. It is designed for pre-purchase purpose. We are highly recommended you to download and test mSplashScreen Demo License on your mobile application before purchase license. Demo copy can be downloaded at Download.

The main difference between Basic and Pro License is Pro supports animated splash screen, but Basic without animation. And Basic License comes with 3 loading indicator templates only.

Pro License contains 16 animation in (Fade In, Move In From Top Bounce, Move In From Top Linear, Move In From Bottom Bounce, Move In From Bottom Linear, Move In From Left Bounce, Move In From Left Linear, Move In From Right Bounce, Move In From Right Linear, Pixelate In, Squeeze In Horizontal Bounce, Squeeze In Horizontal Linear, Squeeze In Vertical Bounce, Squeeze In Vertical Linear, Zoom In Bounce, Zoom In Linear), 16 animation out (Fade Out, Move Out From Top Bounce, Move Out From Top Linear, Move Out From Bottom Bounce, Move Out From Bottom Linear, Move Out From Left Bounce, Move Out From Left Linear, Move Out From Right Bounce, Move Out From Right Linear, Pixelate Out, Squeeze Out Horizontal Bounce, Squeeze Out Horizontal Linear, Squeeze Out Vertical Bounce, Squeeze Out Vertical Linear, Zoom Out Bounce, Zoom Out Linear), 30 sound effects, and 25 loading indicators.